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See what our clients and users have to say about Enchanted Mirror Events.

The MIRROR is/was a tremendous and fantastic idea to have. Not only was it a blessing to the YOUTH but it also gave the ADULTS an opportunity to tap into the CHILD at HEART and have fun while doing so!


The mirror was AMAZING! The level of interaction was Great! The balloons, decorations and the drink fountain was OVER the TOP! I would HIGHLY recommend them!! 5 stars!!


A couple of months ago I was having a conversation about a mirror that could take pictures. I was so excited when I saw one at the party. It was very neat and it even printed the pictures. The lighting and quality was great.


I assumed that the mirror would be a hit with the younger crowd, teens, and 20 somethings. However, I was amazed that the older generation was very interested in the features.


Watching our guests of all ages vogue and dance in front of the Enchanted Mirror is the coolest thing ever! We didn't even have time for all the games because everyone had so much fun with the mirror!! And everyone gets a keepsake picture to remember their good time! So it's basically entertainment and party favors in one!


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